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Sigma Delta is a synthwave artist of Russian origin residing in Prague, Czechia. Thrilling outrun, ethereal dreamwave, screaming 80s guitars and chiptune NES riffs are all combined in Sigma Delta's sound. The producer has started his musical journey some 20 years ago as a kid who just wanted to play the guitar. While progressing through rock and metal over the years he's always loved the electronic music and has finally began producing it a couple of years ago. Born in 80s and growing up in the 90s, he witnessed the remains of the legendary epoch, and they found their way into Sigma Delta’s tunes. Progressive metal background has also influenced the nonlinear composition structure. Like his EDM producer colleague once said, Sigma Delta packs three song ideas into one track. But that's not always true – there's also a place for the minimalistic simplicity. Latest Sigma Delta record is the debut Signals EP. The album will be enjoyed by the fans of Dance With the Dead, FM-84, Gunship and Timecop 1983.


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